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China Train Ticket Online Booking at China Trip Advisor

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China Domestic Trains within Mainland Book Now

G train G means high speed train, average speed 250 to 300 km/h
D train D means multiple unit train, average speed 200 km/h
Z train Z means through train without stopover in between
T train T means extra fast train stops at major cities
K train K means fast train
L train L means temporary train running at peak season only
normal train train number consists of numbers (0-9)only means normal train

Hong Kong - Guangzhou TrainsBook Now

Z train Hung Hom,Hong Kong to Guangzhou East
Z train Guangzhou East to Hung Hom, Hong Kong

Hong Kong - Beijing,Shanghai TrainsBook Now

train Z98, Hong Kong to Beijing Hong Kong to Beijing
train Z97, Beijing to Hong Kong Beijing to Hong Kong
train Z100, Hong Kong to Shanghai Hong Kong to Shanghai
train Z99, Shanghai to Hong Kong Shanghai to Hong Kong.

China - Mongolia Trains Book Now

Beijing to Ulan Bator Train Beijing to Ulan Bator
train from Ulan Bator to Beijing Ulan Bator to Beijing
train from Ulan Bator to Moscow Ulan Bator to Moscow
train from Ulan Bator to Irkutsk Ulan Bator to Irkutsk

China - Russia TrainsBook Now

K train Beijing to Moscow
train from Ulan Bator to Beijing Beijing to Irkutsk

China - Vietnam Trains Book Now

T train Beijing to Hanoi
T train Nanning to Hanoi
T train Hanoi to Nanning
How to book China train ticket online?
We offer the easy way to booking China train ticket online. You can search the time table at our website and book the ticket for the train you want. We accept payment by credit card an PayPal online. The tickets you booked will be delivered to your hotel or have them ready for collection at train station.
1. Can I buy tickets if I am not in China?
  Of course, you can. We accept booking request from all over the world. Thanks to the internet technolody, our customers grows rapidly.
2. How many days in advance can I book my ticket?
  We accept online booking at least 5 days in advance. You are advised to book the tickets as early as you can.
3. How can I pay?
  We accept VISA card and PayPal online. For customers who does not have credit card or PayPal. we accept bank transfer.
4. How can I receive my tickets?
  You can choose to have the tickets delivered to your hotel or collect the tickets at train station.
5. Does it mean I will definitely get the tickets I have booked once I have paid for my tickets?
  Not really. Once we have received your payment, we will proceed to purchase the tickets as soon as the train opens for sale 20 days in advance. In case the tickets are not available, we will inform you by email and you can choose to change to other trains or cancel and get refund. Based our experiences, 95% of paid booking have been able to get the tickets successfuly.
6. What does the price include?
  The price quoted includes ticket, ticket delivery, service charge and all taxes if applicable.
7. Do you ship the tickets outside of China?
  Generally, we do not ship tickets outside of China. If time allows, we can ship tickets to Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea and extra delivery fee is required.
8. Can I reserve a ticket and pay upon arrival in China?
  No, sorry. Tickets are not reserved before payment.
9. How can I collect tickets at train station?
  We will email you a voucher with confirmation number. You can use it and collect the tickets at train station by presenting your passport. You can collect the tickets at any time before the train leaves.
10. I am not staying at hotel. Can you deliver the tickets to my residence address?
  Yes, if the address is within the delivery company's coverage. please ask our advisor for details.
11. How can I cancel my tickets?
  Please check the terms and conditions and contact us as soon as possible.
12. I lost my tickets and what shall I do?
  Please contact us as soon as posssible and our advisor can tell you the procedure to reissue the tickets at train station.
13. How early can I know if my tickets are purchased or not?
  You can know 20 days in advance the earliest. If your tickets are not purchased, we will notify you by email.
14. Is it possible to have all tickets in the same cabin?
  We will help you have the tickets assigned as your preference. However, it is not fully guranteed on some popular trains as the seats are assigned by computer and no human intervene is allowed.

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