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Advantages of using Greater China eSIM

Very easy to use

Set up your data plan by scanning a simple QR code. Activate the eSIM when you land and you’ll be connected instantly. All products come with thorough instructions.

Unlimited data plans

No more top-ups or worrying about running out of data. With a prepaid unlimited data in China, you can relax knowing we’ve got you covered.

Access social media apps

Access Gmail and social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc, without any restrictions. Don't lose touch with family and friends.

Instand delivery

If you’re in a rush or you’re already traveling, don’t worry about waiting for delivery. We send the China eSIM immediately to your email, so you can connect in seconds.

Keep your original SIM

The prepaid eSIM is digital, so your original SIM will work as usual if you need it.

No identity Verification

No identity verification required to use the eSIM in China and other 10 Asian countries. *Identity verification is required to use in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

How does the Greater China eSIM work?

1. Check your phone is compatible with eSIM

Check if your smartphone is compatible now

2. Buy your prepaid eSIM card online

Chose the plan that suits you best and buy your eSIM card from our online store.

3. Scan the QR code to install the eSIM

It’s easy. Just scan the QR code we send you and turn on data roaming from your settings. Now you can enjoy browsing the web.

What you should know about eSIMs?

No local phone number

This virtual SIM only includes data. It does not allow you to make cell phone calls or send SMS messages. You can still use WhatsApp or Skype to call your contacts.

Your phone must support eSIM

Make sure your phone is both unlocked and compatible with eSIM technology. Check compatible devices View all devices

No data sharing

This eSIM does not allow you to share data or use a hotspot with other devices.

email eSIM to your email

We will send you the eSIM to your email

As soon as you complete your purchase, you’ll receive the instructions to install and activate your international travel eSIM and get unlimited internet on your adventure!

  • Installation instructions with QR code
  • Manual installation instructions