Google Pixel 7

How to install and activate your Greater China eSIM on Google Pixel

Download a SIM

eSIM installation

You can install your eSIM by scaning the QR code we sent to you by email.

We recommend installing the eSIM before your trip.

Setting Google Pixel

1. Go to Settings / Network & internet

Add a network Google Pixle

2. Tap the + icon to Add a Network

connect Google Pixel

3. On the ‘Connect to mobile network’ page, select Download a SIM instead? 

google pixel NEXT

4. Tap Next

Google Pixel SCAN

5. At this point camera is launched and ready to scan QR code. Simply point it at the QR code. Once it’s scanned, you see the name of the mobile carrier. 

Google Pixel Use CM Link

6. Tap Download to let the eSIM installation begin.

Goolgle Downloading

7. Downloading / Installing an eSIM may take a minute or two. 

Google Pixel Finishedd

8. eSIM installed now.

Google Pixel Use SIM


Activate only at your destination

Google Pixe Turn on

1. Go to Settings / Networks & internet. Tap SIM and select CM Link eSIM. Turn on Use SIM

Google Pixel Activation

2. Select CM Link as your SIM for data and turn on Roaming. The activation is done!

3. Verify your connection

  • One way is to verify that the signal icon on the top bar of your phone has at least one bar.
  • Also, you can go to Settings / Networks &Connections / SIM \ and verify that the Roaming toggle is on.

4. Help

  • Find your answers to the most frequestly asked questions.
  • Contact us by email
  • Can I install the eSIM without an internet connection?
    To install the eSIM it is necessary that you have an Internet connection through a WI-FI network or cellular data that allows you to carry out the necessary configuration on your cell phone. For this reason, we recommend that you install it before you arrive at your destination.

  • Can I activate the eSIM without an internet connection?
    To activate the eSIM, you do not need to have an Internet connection, since activating roaming or data roaming from your cell phone settings will activate the plan. We recommend that you activate as soon as you arrive at your destination so as not to consume your data plan ahead of time.